Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians - Fairgrounds Conceptual Design


  • Provided a potential vision for an upgraded fairgrounds
  • Provided potential layouts and renderings for the community to review and comment on
  • Maximized the existing space and provided flexibility to allow for a variety of uses and activities

The Tribal Fairgrounds in Cherokee, NC is due for a complete makeover. As part of the initial design process, Studio 15 put together an initial concept for the community to review and comment on. If the project is received well, then it has the potential to move forward and will undergo additional programming and design.

These concepts includes

1. A new entrance and new ticketing lobby that is attached to a new event hall.

2. The larger event hall with a pre-function space with large garage doors to allow for all season use.

2. An expansion into the existing parking area in the front and maximize street marking.

3. Expanded food venues with larger kitchen spaces

4. A food village with expanded seating area and new multipurpose building with large garage doors to also allow for all season use.

5. New exterior lighting

6. Maximization of green space in well thought out planters and landscaping

7. New restrooms

Scope of Work